Hair Care Tips for Rainy Days

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Having a bad hair day due to the rainy weather?

No worries, there’s always a  solution!

Rainy weather can really spoil a perfect hair style.  Although you can’t protect your hair 100% from the humidity, you can help calm the frizz!

Don’t hide your hair with scarves or hats.  Most recommended hair styles are pulled back pony tails or a sleek bun.  Due to the pollution in the air in combination with the rain, the rain water is not as beneficial as it used to be in the old days.

If your not the type of person who likes to tie their hair, you CAN let your hair down with no problem but you need to do a few things prevent a bad frizzy-hair day.

Avoid mousses, waxes and diffusers as this will react with the humidity and spoil your hairstyle.

Frizzy hair from humidity arise from dry hair.  Rain will penetrate into the dry hair that needs moisture and will pump each hair strand which will result in a big frizzy hair-do.  A deep conditioner such as our Masque Treatment or Platinum Repair Treatment can create a protective layer on your hair which can reduce the frizz.

To finish off your hairstyle, let it dry naturally.  Don’t over do it as it will not be what you expect it to be in this weather.  You can add a finishing product to your damp hair like our Crazy Curl or Leave On Conditioner for more support.

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